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FIGHT.TV is the one and only COMBAT SPORTS CHANNEL that allows you the fan to interact with the fighter. We are the FIGHT CLUB on the information super highway. Virtually making the odds more even by allowing GLOBAL Exposure to everyone on FIGHT.TV


Eric J. Herrholz

Ceo / Founder

  • Chicago born and raised on the south-side, naturally makes an opening statement.
  • Eric has trained in multiple disciplines of martial arts.
  • His passion and love of combat sports has put him as a pioneer in the industry.
  • From the beginning of MMA the FIGHT.TV brand was given fruition.
  • Wether sponsoring events in the beginning, cornering or announcing.
  • The industry knows energetic enthusiasm given through behind the camera dedication.
  • PPV MMA can say the name FIGHT.TV
Issac Jermain Salter

Resident Boxer - TRAINER

Issac is a Professional Boxer whose record 9-1. Issac is a go between for competitors in Boxing. He is a native of Pensacola Florida. He has been training in the sweet science merely through the discovery made none other than by Roy Jones Sr.

Rahul Jha

Senior Technical Advisor

Rahul Jha comes to FIGHT.TV from the other side of the world, and he is out of this world. He graduated from WBUT. He is not only a team leader, he is a MMA enthusiast whom is like a TIGER .