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Founder / CEO

Long time MMA/Boxing Combat Sport Enthusiast, Trainer, Corner, Promoter, Announcer, and current Matchmaker.  Eric’s experience began back in 1990 and has became quite the journey. Originally coming to the rescue of many mismanaged organizations, their lack of basic show knowledge and need for direction. Eric J. Herrholz was a pioneer into the simulcasting delay and broadcast translation streaming during many PPV events throughout the world.

Victor Wagoner 


Victor is the financial mindset behind the corporate growth. VW has seen the infancy of FIGHT.TV as a fan as well as consultant. The Board Of Directors for Discrete.TV the FIGHT.TV parent corporation relys on Victors educated decison making on the fly. Talk about a resume, where to start off and end would just amaze you, so feel free to ask VW about his ministerial finance degree from Baylor.


Director of Operation

Chris is the key behind strategic programming. Handling the development of content for Discrete.TV placed him in the direct center of the enitre network. Our terminls switch smoothly and all data delivered without interruption, thanks to his knowleged of protocol transit switching of ecncrypted streaming on the web.



 Chief Legal Officer

Stuart graduated from North Central College in 1986 and received his J.D. from John Marshall Law School in 1990. Stuart has been practicing law since 1991.
 He is the primary contact for the FIGHT.TV board of directors. Stuart commands the legal E’s for FIGHT.TV
 Stuart is more than an avid fan of all combat sports, he is  Stu “The Litigator” Petersen and he carries an undisputed record defending many corporations, their brand and assets.



Keith Burke has more knowledge and time breaking up Fights than any reporter. He comes to us as a fully retired Law Enforcement Officer. He served this country and God selflessly and now represents FIGHT.TV. on scene.
 As on on scene reporter for Pre Fight Weigh Ins and Press Conferences he is the least intimidated by all the
anxiety and tension.




Our In House expert and boxing analyst. This is the man that can not get a fight, why ? Too many say okay and then they see what Issac brings to the center of the ring. Knowledge , Experience, Know How, and GOD.  Issac is the best inside Analyst in todays Live Streaming Combat Sports Industry.


FIGHT.TV is the premiere digital network for Combat Sports providing hours of live, PPV and on-demand programming to combat sports fans.